Plan One

Plan One Includes five problem focused visits per year, including administration of injections if needed. Examples of problem focused visits include care for upper respiratory infections, sinus infection, ear infection, sore throat, allergies, pink eye, bronchitis, asthma, viral illness, influenza, gastroenteritis (stomach virus), urinary tract infection, poison ivy, rash, eczema, psoriasis, sprained ankle, arthritis, gout, and many more. Injections that may be given include antibiotics, antihistamines (for allergic reaction), antiemetics (for vomiting/nausea), steroid injection (for asthma, bronchitis, COPD, arthritis, allergy), anti-inflammatory (for pain, arthritis, migraine, gout) and will be given based on the diagnosis and recommendation of the provider.
Total Value of Services and Medication
$700 per year
Sour Lake Health & Medical
Member Cost
$400 per year
Total Savings = $300 per year