Your Health and Wellness Are Our Primary Care

Welcome to Sour Lake Health & Medical, where your health and wellness are our primary care. We are a family practice medical clinic owned and operated by Sommer Shackelford, a board certified Family Practice Nurse Practitioner. Sour Lake Health & Medical will provide the citizens of Sour Lake and surrounding areas in Hardin and Jefferson counties with access to affordable and convenient health care for episodic illness and injury, health maintenance, and chronic illness.  We provide a unique Medical Care Membership that offers a valuable group of services at a discounted rate to its members.  We promote the health and wellness of our community by participating in the Texas Vaccines for Children Program and by routine health screening for children and adults.  We strive to impact the epidemic of overweight children, adolescents and adults through education, personal weight evaluation, counseling and treatment. 
We welcome new patients and make every effort to accommodate requests for same day appointments.